Who Am I?

Who is Lindsay Price?

Lindsay Price Photo

I have been a professional playwright for nineteen years and write  plays for the school market through my company Theatrefolk. I average 500 productions in schools across  Canada, the United States, England and beyond – Australia, Ecuador, Singapore, China and Peru to name a few. With over 50 published plays, I strive on a consistent basis to get finished product out into the world.

On top of that, I am an accomplished dramaturg and adjudicator. That means I am constantly in the practice of giving tangible feedback. I work with:

  • Student writers (Playworks Program, International Thespian Festival)
  • Adults writing for the first time (Theatre Ontario workshops, Gaslight Theatre Project)
  • Professionals  (Stand Up Eight Theatricals)

What do all of these folks have in common? They are looking for constructive criticism that will move their writing forward.

Getting feedback is hard enough, we don’t want anyone to say mean things about this precious cargo we’ve worked so hard on! Getting good feedback can be impossible to find. I want you to get the feedback you need to get you to the finish line. I want to share with you all the tools of the trade.  For example:

  • How can questions be the most important re-write tool?
  • How do you give feedback as a tool to process you receive?
  • How do you avoid nasty comments?

I’ve been giving feedback for a long time. I’ve put together a reliable strategy to make sure you get the most out of the experience and to get you writing.

Thank you for being here and I hope to work with you soon.