Observation Thursday

Observation is my number one method of finding play ideas. If you’re ever at a loss for coming up with something to write about, start logging observations. I write down observations on a daily basis and on Thursdays, I’m going to share one with you what I’ve seen and then you could do with it.




When: July  23. Morning

Observation:  A young couple, I’m guessing boyfriend/girlfriend arguing over the price of a Costco sized container survival kit. It was a 72 hour food and cooking kit. It cost 39.97

What you can do with it: Well the obvious question is, why does this couple think they need a survival kit? What do they need to survive from? They don’t need to survive that badly if they can argue over the price.

So take it from there – it’s the evening of the Apocalypse. There’s chaos all around and this couple is standing in Costco, arguing over the price of the survival kit. The most mundane conversation in the middle of chaos.

Or there is no apocalypse, but one of them fears quite deeply that it’s coming and they need something to be prepared. Write the scene once where the fearful one is the girl and then again where the fearful one is the guy. Give them each something specific and something different to fear that would cause them to think about survival. How does that change the argument about price?

Happy writing!