Observation Thursday

A little side note today. I use Google Keep on my phone to keep hold of random observations I make when I’m out and about. It’s important to get into the habit of SEE! RECORD! with an observation. Don’t trust your memory. Memory is unreliable and that observation is going to fade and morph over time. Sure, it might morph into something better. But nine times out of ten, that initial point of contact is the best moment.

I went looking for an observation today in my Google Keep and this one just jumped out at me. Mostly because I have no idea of context. This is a perfect example of how things fade. Usually I write down where I am and if I have time what’s going on. This one is just a sentence. Maybe I over heard it. Hard to think of the context of this particular sentence. But either way have fun with it!

Observation Thursday

What the What?

When: Who knows?

Observation:  “Shut up and squeeze my tea bag.” That’s it. That’s all.

What you can do with it:  Well putting aside why someone would say this to another person, start with character and scenario. Who is saying this sentence, where are they, and who are they saying it too. That alone should have you writing for days. Who would say this? Who’s squeezing their tea bag? (I’m a bag dipper myself)

Happy writing!