Observation Thursday

Every Thursday I post something I’ve observed. I don’t know when or where I’ll use it but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the consistent habit of making an observation and writing it down. When you start to do that, everything becomes an idea for the future.




Talking to a four year old.

When: August 7th, in the pool.

Observation:  If you want to know how to be creative and never back down from your creative world, talk to a kid.  Nine times out of ten they say the weirdest thing and when you question them, they look at you like you’re from Mars. You’re the crazy one. You’re wrong, and they’re right. Forget logic. Forget reality.  This is one of those conversations. It happened between my husband and my four year old niece.

NIECE:… and then we met up with her friend and we went to dinner.

HUSBAND: What did you have?

NIECE: Guess.

HUSBAND: Chicken fingers.

NIECE: Um….. what’s that when you go to McDonald’s?

HUSBAND: Chicken Nuggets?

NIECE: (looking at him like he’s from Mars) No! Burger and Fries!

HUSBAND: So you went to McDonald’s?

NIECE: (now looking at him like he has two heads) Nooooooooo.

What you can do with it:  I like a conversation like this because it’s so non linear. It jumps and goes in directions you don’t expect. That’s what it’s like talking to a kid. And that’s what our works need sometimes. They need to be less linear. Less Point A to point B. An observation like this is a great reminder for me to practice writing conversations that don’t make total sense. That’s going to make them more human and more interesting to watch. It’s not about being wacky, just unpredictable. Write a conversation that doesn’t exactly make sense. Point A to Point Q to Point C.