Observation Thursday

Observation is my number one method of finding play ideas. If you’re ever at a loss for coming up with something to write about, start logging observations. I write down observations on a daily basis and on Thursdays, I’m going to share one with you what I’ve seen and then you could do with it.

Observation Thursday


Staring at the Wall

Observation: Two people in a conversation outside of of store. The man is talking very intently, very quietly. The woman is facing and staring at the wall, not saying anything.

Date: Wednesday June 18 2014

Comments: I walked by this couple and boy did I wish I could be invisible or turn into a fly and find out what on earth was going on here. When I say the woman was staring at the wall, she was nearly face planting the thing. I stopped a little way away to see if the situation would evolve or change. But in five minutes everything remained exactly the same. Man talking intently. Woman staring at the wall.

What can you do:  Create the scenario.What is the relationship here? Are they boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, or exes, or brother/sister, or two best friends? What is the cause of this situation? What happened? Has the woman done this before or is this the first time she has decided that there is nothing else she can do other than face the wall? Write the scene starting with the event or comment or conversation that leads the woman to stop, turn, and stare at the wall.