Discipline or Devotion?


I ran a half marathon yesterday. It’s my second of the year. I did pretty well (for me) with the first half marathon but there were some problems :

  1. I didn’t fuel properly leading me to severely run out of steam in the second hour.
  2. I didn’t stretch properly in the weeks leading up to the race leaving me with screaming hips.
  3. I went out way to fast in the first hour leading to the same steam problem in #1.

For this second race, I’ve spent the past two months correcting these problems. Practicing with different types of fuel. Stretching at least six days a week. Working with a timer to get the pacing down.

I was psyched for this race, I had a plan ready to execute. I was ready to roll. Except for one thing. The one thing I didn’t prepare for.


The first three miles for this half went uphill. Let me repeat that. I ran uphill for three miles.  Half an hour. Up hill.

Every plan went out the window. Well, except for the going slow in the first 30 minutes plan. That was inevitable. But after a half an hour running straight up hill (UP. HILL.) My legs weren’t all that keen to continue to run another 10.1 miles. Neither was I.

And yet I did. I wanted to quit. I thought about walking the rest of the race.  But I didn’t. I was determined to carry through and finish.

I’m not a disciplined runner. I only run 3-4 times a week,  I’m not the ideal shape or weight to be a great runner. I don’t have any plans to change these things.

I am a determined runner. I know how to get the job done. When my plans for the race went awry,  I had to decide quickly how I was going to handle the rest of the race. I decided to enjoy my surroundings, take in the day, put a smile on my face and keep running.

I am a devoted runner. I can’t believe I have the capacity and the ability to run for over two hours and not feel like falling apart after. I love how running makes me feel. I miss it when I don’t do it regularly.

What kind of writer are you? Disciplined? Determined? Devoted?

As I write about my race, I see the same patterns in how I write.

I’m not a disciplined writer. I don’t write for hours at a time, every day. I don’t write at a desk. I have gone for a month without writing and not felt bad about it at all.

I am a determined writer. I know how to get the job done with a piece. Deadlines work for me. Often there’s no one else pushing me but my internal deadline and I’ll feel guilty if I don’t meet it.

I am a devoted writer. Writing is the thing I love to do. It’s the most important activity in my life. I work to make sure writing is not a chore or a task. I never want to be a slave to writing, I want to enjoy it. That means, perhaps, my writing isn’t as successful as it could be. Or as well known as it could be. But I do know it means I’ll never be a regretful writer.

Who are you? Disciplined? Devoted? Determined?

What type of writer do you strive to be?

What type of writer do you want to be?

What type of writing works best for you?