Best Play This Year!

Had an awesome time with The Flying Bandit up at The Sudbury Theatre Centre. Great folks to work with, and we actually got a set. When Craig and I first started The Flying Bandit on the Fringe circuit, we had a folding chair and a nice suit. It was interesting to have to incorporate movement from one set piece to the next. STC helped us realize this play to pretty much it’s fullest potential.

We couldn’t have asked for a better response to the show. I mean, FB is basically a Canadian heritage moment, performed by an unknown actor, written by an unknown playwright! It just goes to show that audiences CAN be drawn in by more than the common shiny baubles.

Having said that, I can’t complain about the shiny review the play received from The Sudbury Star.  All the accolades Craig receives are 100% deserved. It’s hard work doing a full length one man show, not to mention the 26 plus parts he had to play!  It’s nice to see your hard work appreciated….