New Plays

2013 has been a very busy year for me writing wise. An adaptation, a full length, and three one acts. It’s great to be able to get so much writing done and get new plays into the world. All my plays can be found at


In the world of Backspace, writing is a struggle, a battle, a war. Writers go off to the front lines to fight Ideas who resist at every turn. They stare at the Blank Page and must stand strong when she starts talking back. They look for anything and everything to move their writing forward.

The front is littered with writers who have given up. Will our four young writers face the same fate? Every word is another word closer to Victory!

An excellent theatrical experience for any cast or any class. The play explores personification in a unique and vivid manner. Where else can you bring a typewriter to life?



Teen life – backwards, forwards and inside-out. From dealing with the tractor beam of insecurity and doubt, to dealing with parents who couldn’t hear you if they tried. From fighting pimples to fighting the hallway. From knowing math skills aren’t going to get the girl to knowing that happy teenagers exist. They may not get the laughs, or the drama, or the big monologue, but they’re there.

This play explores many forms. We’ve got everything from kitchen sink, to absurd, to movement, to audience participation, to song. There’s even the opportunity to add your own scene in the mix!



ShuddersomeThe thumping of a heartbeat. The creek of a door. The howl of a bitter wind. The gong of a clock tower. The clang of alarm bells. The sound of beating wings getting closer and closer…

Specters, ghosts and ghouls come alive in this vivid theatrical adaptation of some of Edgar Allen Poe’s best-known works. Included are The Tell-Tale HeartThe Raven, and The Masque of the Red Death.

Poe’s words rise from the page like corpses from the grave. Be careful. Do you hear that tap, tap, taping?

Multi-length versions of the script to fit every need.


And before the end of June…..

  • Monster Problems – Some people magnify their problems so much, they become monsterous.
  • The Gift  – Inspired by the short story The Gift of the Magi