Observation Thursday

Observation is my number one method of finding play ideas. If you’re ever at a loss for coming up with something to write about, start logging observations. I write down observations on a daily basis and on Thursdays, I’m going to share one with you what I’ve seen and then you could do with it.

Observation Thursday


Baby Headbands

Observation:  A woman at a church bazaar selling teeny baby headbands that seem totally inappropriate for babies.

Date: Saturday May 24, 2014

Comments: So I walked into this bazaar, the whole town I was in was having garage-sales-a -polooza event and I was wandering from one to another. This one was in the basement of a church. You can tell at a glance if the bazaar going to have tables with interesting crafts, or crochet toilet paper roll covers.  This was a category B bazaar. At one table a woman was selling these very small headbands for babies. I guess it’s important to dress up a baby. I don’t have one, I don’t know. But the thing that struck me was that they had feathers, and beads, and tiny shiny things attached to the headband. I have a five month old niece. EVERYTHING goes in her mouth. I can just image her getting hold of this headband. Sticking it in her mouth. And you know the rest.

What can you do: You always want to think of the person or character who could be connected to an observation. And in this case, my thought was – everybody has a job. It could be mailman, teacher. It could be something less stable. It could be glamourous or anything but. School is a job. Doing everything or anything possible not to work is a job.

So who’s the person who decides to turn baby headbands into a job? Are they changing careers? Is this their first stab at making something? Is this a hobby that’s getting some traction? What about the relative of this person – your sister makes inappropriate baby headbands and wants your baby to wear one. What does that scene look like?

See you next Thursday!