The Why Draft

writing 2
Once you have a first draft it can be hard to figure out the next step. There is often a sense of euphoria attached to a first draft. I did it! It’s done…..isn’t it done? Many writers don’t want to think about diving back into the script.
How do you initiate the rewrite process? Ask and answer questions.
Questions are your best strategy during rewrites. Questions are tangible and practical. You can answer a question, establish that the answer is already in the script, or choose not to answer. It’s all right not to answer a question, so long as you’re being mysterious and not ignoring a plot hole.
The best question to ask is WHY. Asking “why” with your draft will:
  • Clarify character action: Why does Jimmy burn the letter?
  • Clarify story development: Why does the car accident happen before the story begins?
  • Clarify your intentions: Why am I writing this play?
When you answer WHY your work becomes specific, purposeful and efficient. And the best part is the answer you come up with is the right answer. That is the beauty of creative writing.
Start asking WHY of your writing right now.