Theatre Ontario Workshops

I am so excited to be teaching two playwriting workshops at Theatre Ontario. Click the links for more details!

Playwriting: Idea to First Draft 

Sometimes the hardest step in the playwriting process is the first. Where do I find inspiration? How do I develop an idea? What if my idea fizzles out halfway through?

This workshop takes you from the idea stage to confidently writing a first draft. You will leave this workshop with at least a first scene and a defined path toward the first draft of a play. You will also leave with tools and techniques for inspiration and idea development.

Part One: Inspiration and Idea
Part Two: Conflict and Character
Part Three: The first draft

Playwriting: How to self-edit and critique

Plays are not written in the first draft. Plays come to life in rewrites. But re-write how? What if we don’t know how to move our work forward? What if we don’t know how to critique our own work? What if we aren’t sure how to process feedback from others? This workshop offers tools and techniques for playwrights who have a play “under construction.”

Note: For this workshop participants will have to submit a script by March 15, 2013 so the facilitator can read and have feedback ready for the session.